Don't let legislators sneak the TPP through Congress this fall.

The White House is planning to use the Lame Duck session of Congress after the election this November to pass legislation to ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a secretive agreement negotiated by government bureaucrats and corporate lobbyists. If ratified, it poses an urgent threat to our democracy, jobs, the environment and the internet. Learn more.

Tell Congress: Don't vote on the controversial TPP in the lame duck session.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a large international agreement that impacts all aspects of our lives and threatens our sovereignty. It is a highly controversial agreement, which should not be brought before Congress after the elections when many members are no longer accountable to voters. I urge you to oppose ratification of the TPP during the lame duck session of Congress this fall.
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Why do we need to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Read the TPP

Right now, the Obama administration and giant corporations are spreading misinformation about the Trans-Pacific Partnership and how it will affect Americans. But if you read it, you'll see that the TPP threatens to corrupt our democracy by giving corporations control over the government. We are publishing the full TPP text along with expert annotations explaining how it could actually affect you.